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GenRocket is a private, venture-backed software company focused on test data in general and synthetic data in particular. It was founded in February 2012, and is based in Ojai, CA. It has a worldwide customer base and boasts a 95% customer retention rate. It is partnered with more than 32 systems integrators, as well as with Delphix, a prominent database virtualisation vendor within the test data management space.


Company Info

Headquarters: 2930 East Ojai Ave Ojai, CA 93023 USA
Telephone: (805) 836-2879




Test Data Management (2024)

This report summarises the state of the test data management space in 2024, as well as the vendors contained therein.
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Test Data Management (2021)

Test data management is an essential part of the testing process. This report discusses the space as a whole and evaluates the solutions therein.
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GenRocket (2021)

GenRocket is a platform for enterprise-level test data automation that offers high-end synthetic data generation.
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GenRocket (2019)

This paper discusses and evaluates GenRocket, a test data management solution.
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Test Data Management (2019)

This Market Update discusses the test data management space and evaluates and compares the products therein.
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