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In March 2022, HelpSystems signed a merger agreement with Alert Logic. In November 2022, HelpSystems was rebranded as Fortra to signal a shift in focus to cybersecurity and automation. Fortra offers solutions for data security, infrastructure protection, managed services, and threat research and intelligence. Alert Logic provides managed detection and response (MDR) and Fortra managed web application firewall (WAF).

Alert Logic was founded in 2002. It has offices in the US, the UK and Colombia. It maintains two SOCs, one in the US and the other in Cardiff, but can serve any region through its roster of partners. Its machine learning and EDR capabilities were boosted by its acquisition of Barkly at the beginning of 2019.

Alert Logic started out by offering threat intelligence and response services. Since then, it has built a massive-scale telemetry platform that covers the entire threat surface, including endpoint, network and the major public clouds. It is a technology-agnostic, pure-play MDR services provider with the ability to analyse information feeds from whatever technology a customer has in its ecosystem. Its underlying technology is boosted by a large number of expert security practitioners that act as an extension of customers’ teams. Proactive threat hunting is an important part of its offering.

It has been offering WAF as part of its MDR service for some 10 years. However, it spun it out in March 2023 as a distinct product and service as Fortra managed WAF. It is one of few MDR vendors to offer a  managed WAF alongside its other capabilities. By offering WAF as a managed service, it helps customers to rein in costs and improve performance,  problems that plague many WAF implementations. As opposed to detecting and responding to threats, WAF is a preventive control that prevents cyber attacks from happening, which is vital since the web is the biggest threat vector currently and use of cloud services is high and growing rapidly. Although now separate, feeds from its WAF offering are analysed in one of Alert Logic’s SOCs, providing a consolidated view of events.

The focus of Alert Logic is on helping organisations to achieve their desired security outcomes, from shielding them from successful attack to helping them to develop a more robust security posture.

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Headquarters: 11095 Viking Drive Suite, 100 Eden Prairie, MN 55344, United States
Telephone: +1 952 933 0609



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