Bringing Automated Response to the Masses

Written By: Bloor Research
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As cyber threats become more advanced and evolved, Bringing Automated Response to the Masses is a podcast aimed at C-Suite level executives focusing on the criticality of having secure defence mechanisms in place to protect your business.

Host Elizabeth Hotson, with Fran Howarth from Bloor Research, and Alert Logic’s Josh Davies break down the topic of automated response and its benefits for your business, look at what actions should be automated, and define the differences between automated response action and intelligent automated response.

The questions raised and debated are:

  • What is automated Response and what are the benefits?
  • What type of actions should you or can you automate?
  • How is Alert Logic’s approach to SOAR different from the wider market?
  • What separates an automated response action from an intelligent automated response and how can customers have faith in an automated response playbook?

You can listen to the full show below, or access it via Spotify