What is MDR and why is it needed?

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This is the first in a series of posts that will explore the market for managed detection and response (MDR) services, including the capabilities that are on offer.

In the world of technology, when we think of security, we generally think of products, from antivirus to firewalls to SIEM systems. Such products vary in their ease of use and management.


The need for MDR services (click to enlarge)

Those products that have been developed to solve complex problems are themselves extremely complex to implement, manage and realise the full value expected from them. As the infographic shows, complexity significantly hinders security and nowhere is this currently more true than in threat detection and response. And this is even more of a problem since organisations of all sizes from all walks of life are finding it a real challenge to hire and retain the skilled security professionals that they need to effectively manage and respond to the threats that they face.

This is leading to a burgeoning in demand for cybersecurity services, with sales of services now surpassing those of products. The market for MDR services is seeing significant rising demand. But not all are created equal. Not all flavours offered are the same and capabilities vary among service providers.

In addition to these posts, Bloor is publishing a number of reports in this area. These include a Spotlight report that describes what MDR is and what needs it addresses, a Market Guide that introduced the flavours of MDR services that are available, and an MDR Market Update that introduces some of the top-line capabilities of those vendors that have so far participated in this ongoing research. More vendors will be included in subsequent reports.

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