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EsperTech is the company behind Esper (Java based) and NEsper (.Net based). Development of Esper, which is open source – under a GPL license – was started in 2004, and EsperTech was founded in 2006. The company is based in New Jersey and does not have any other offices. The company is completely self-funded and has no sales force. Nevertheless, it has users world-wide (mostly in the banking, IoT, telecommunications and security) as well as OEMs that have embedded Esper into their own offerings.

Because of its open-source presence and large number of OEM/ISV partnerships EsperTech believes that Esper is probably the most widely used platform of its type world-wide. This is not an unreasonable claim.

EsperTech (logo)

Company Info

Headquarters: PO Box 3129, Wayne, NJ 07474-3129, USA
Telephone: (877) 994 7368

STREAMING ANALYTICS Market Update (cover thumbnail)

Streaming Analytics (2021)

Streaming analytics extracts actionable insights from streaming data in real-time. This report discusses the streaming analytics space and its solutions.
00002674 - ESPER TECH InBrief (cover thumbnail)

EsperTech (2021)

Esper is a stream processing/analytics platform that markets itself as “pure-play CEP”, and in fact was one of the first CEP engines introduced to the market.
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