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Curiosity Software Ireland

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Curiosity Software Ireland is a software company founded in 2017 and based in Dublin. Its product areas include test automation and robotic process automation, and its partners include Digital-Assured, Ostia, Micro Focus, Eggplant, Windocks, and Parasoft.

The company offers a variety of products designed to enhance, accelerate, and automate the testing process, including Test Modeller and Test Data Automation, solutions for test (design) automation and test data management/automation respectively. Most recently, it has developed an open testing platform that acts as a collaboration hub for testing.


Company Info

Headquarters: Unit 6, The Mill, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Telephone: +353 1254 4350


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00002654 - CURIOSITY SOFTWARE InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Curiosity Software Test Data Automation

Curiosity Software Test Data Automation is a test data solution that helps you to both create test data sets and embed then into your testing processes.
00002647 - TEST DATA MANAGEMENT Market Update (cover thumbnail)

Test Data Management (2021)

Test data management is an essential part of the testing process. This report discusses the space as a whole and evaluates the solutions therein.
CURIOSITY SOFTWARE InBrief cover thumbnail

Curiosity Software Ireland Test Modeller

This paper describes and evaluates Test Modeller, Curiosity Software Ireland’s test design automation offering.
00002495 - TEST DESIGN AUTOMATION MarketUpdate cover thumbnail

Test Design Automation

This paper describes the test design automation space and evaluates the products therein.
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