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Curiosity Software Ireland

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Curiosity Software Ireland is a software company founded in 2017 and based in Dublin. In principle its product areas centre around test automation, particularly what it describes as “test data automation”, but in practice, Curiosity Software’s offering extends beyond testing and into application assurance in general. Training and other culture-oriented assistance is available, and the company’s partners include Digital-Assured, Ostia, Micro Focus, Eggplant, Windocks, and Parasoft.

The company offers a variety of products designed to enhance, accelerate, and automate the testing process, including Test Modeller and Test Data Automation, solutions for test design automation and test data management respectively. It has also developed an open testing platform that acts as a collaboration hub for testing.

Robust synthetic data generation is included as part of Test Data Automation, while database virtualisation is offered via tight integration with Windocks. Data analysis capabilities are available in order to generate test data that accurately represents your real data, and the resulting traceability and relationship information can be stored and represented as a graph network using Neo4j.

Notably, although these capabilities are primarily concerned with testing and test data, in many cases they can also be applied to application development as a whole. Indeed, it would not be unreasonable to think of test automation as just one form of application development that Curiosity Software can address. We hope to see the company fully capitalise on this in the future.


Company Info

Headquarters: Unit 6, The Mill, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Telephone: +353 1254 4350


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