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Cloudera was founded in 2008. Initially it was backed by venture capital but in 2017 it floated on the New York Stock Exchange. The following year it announced a merger with HortonWorks, which was completed in January 2019. The company is expecting revenues of around $780m for the financial year ending January 2020. While historically known as a commercial provider of a Hadoop distribution the company is now marketing itself as the “Enterprise Data Cloud Company”. This doesn’t mean that it is eschewing its heritage but that it is focusing on the provisioning of data in the cloud, whereby users do not have to worry about any complexity involved in provisioning big data and data warehouse clusters.


Company Info

Headquarters: 395 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA
Telephone: +1 888 789 1488

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Cloudera Data Warehouse

The Cloudera Data Warehouse is based on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), which involves more than 30 open source technologies.
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SQL Engines on Hadoop

There are many SQL on Hadoop engines, but they are suited to different use cases: this report considers which engines are best for which sets of requirements.
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Options for analytic databases and warehouses

This is a comparative analysis of products/vendors within the data warehouse and analytics platform space.
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