Datactics Data Quality Update

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Datactics are a pure-play data quality vendor based in Belfast, founded in 1999 and with customers across a range of sectors including banking and healthcare. They provide a full function data quality product, from profiling through data matching, deduplication, enrichment and data quality monitoring. Datactics prefer to work with established vendors in associated spaces rather than compete directly, so for example they have a relationship with data governance and data catalog vendor Alation.

Datactics make use of artificial intelligence in several stages of the data quality process, for example suggesting data quality rules based on profiling and analysis of the customer data. This extends to other areas such as matching. One recent development has been the application of a natural language interface, so for example in the case of matching this is now an additional approach to complement their previous supported approaches of fuzzy matching and deterministic matching. The Datactics technology can be deployed either on premise, in the cloud or in hybrid configurations, as the customers prefer. They compete directly against other data quality technologies such as those from Ataccama, Informatica and more recent entrants to the space such as the data quality offering from Collibra.

In Q3 2023 a new software release will appear with a completely revamped user interface. Based on a demonstration this interface seems to be particularly well thought through and will appeal to customers who want to put their data quality directly in the hands of business users rather than relying on IT department support. Datactics pride themselves on building strong relationships with their clients, and their established technology and soon to be released attractive new user interface should be of interest to customers who want a data quality partner to partner with them on their journey, rather than just use part of a broader mega vendor data platform.