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Data Quality - What's Changed?

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Whither data governance?

Why is data governance so hot right now?
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Syncsort acquires Trillium

Syncsort has acquired Trillium Software: I admit to not expecting this
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Trillium enters the data discovery/preparation market

Trillium has partnered with UNIFi to enter the extended data preparation space
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BackOffice Associates reinvents itself

BackOffice is moving towards a much more tool agnostic (not just SAP) approach and across the spectrum of data integration/governance functions.
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News from the world of data modeling

Embarcadero acquires ERwin
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Data Cleansing

In many ways data cleansing is a commoditised market, albeit that data quality issues are still not as widely recognised, or dealt with, as they should be.
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Datanomic: a textbook case

What has made Datanomic such a juicy morsel for Oracle?
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Trillium Software System v13 and TrilliumApps

Trillium Software has recently launched TrilliumApps: this could change the face of the software industry.
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Cadis EDM

Cadis provides enterprise data management (EDM) for the buy side of capital markets
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Pervasive BI, Pervasive data quality, Pervasive availability - what's with all this pervasiveness?
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Data quality platforms

This is the last of four Market Updates on data discovery, data profiling, data cleansing, and data quality platforms respectively.
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iWay introduces EIM

iWay, the Information Builders subsidiary, has introduced an EIM (enterprise information management) offering. Since the term EIM may not necessarily be clear I had better explain that this is a...
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In the data quality jungle something is stirring

Among the big beasts in the data quality jungle I don't think there are many people who would include Pitney Bowes. However, that could be about to change. First, a word about the company:...
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The problem with data quality solutions part 3

So far in this series of articles I have discussed the failures of traditional data quality tools when it comes to matching in general and product and complex data matching in particular. However,...
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The problem with data quality solutions part 2

I recently wrote about the deficiencies of traditional data quality tools when it comes to data matching. How the conventional pattern-based approach with user defined rules for weights simply...
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The problem with data quality solutions

There are actually a number of problems with traditional data quality solutions (which I will return to) but in this article I am going to focus on what is arguably the basis of all data quality,...
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