IBM and SAP Partner to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Written By: Simon Holloway
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An announcement was made yesterday (October 14th) that SAP have chosen IBM as a premier strategic provider of cloud infrastructure services. The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offering will now be available through IBM’s cloud. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud will expand to major markets with the addition of the IBM cloud data centers. Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman, President and CEO, stated, “This announcement is a significant milestone in the deployment of enterprise cloud. It builds on our two companies long history of bringing innovation to business, and extends IBM’s position as the premier global cloud platform.”

Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, responded by saying, “We look forward to extending one of the longest and most successful partnerships in the IT industry. The demand for SAP HANA and the SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA in the cloud is tremendous and this global agreement with IBM heralds a new era of cloud collaboration. We anticipate customers will benefit from this collaboration and expansion of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.”

So, two big boys have got together to work for their mutual benefit, but will this be of help to organisations by reducing costs? That remains to be seen.

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