The Any Data Manifesto

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I pledge that, except by way of explanation (or in order to poke fun at it), I will not refer to the misleading and meaningless term “Big Data” but instead will use the term “Any Data”. I do this because the subject at hand is analytics and what users want to do it is to be able to query any combination of data, of any variety, of any size (large or small), that is coming at them with any velocity, and in any appropriate timescale.

I further pledge that I will not conflate Any Data with NoSQL and, further, I will not conflate Hadoop with either Any Data or NoSQL. This is because Any Data is a requirements set, NoSQL is a category of database technology and Hadoop is merely an instance of NoSQL technology. Technology does not equal a solution: to meet the requirements of Any Data requires a great deal more than one (or more) databases.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some vendors signed up to this manifesto?