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NoSQL Databases - What's Changed?

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Cray opens EMEA headquarters

Cray sees the convergence of HPC (high performance computing) and big data.
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Consolidating graphs and other matters

The graph database market is starting to consolidate. There are also interesting graph and associative database developments
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SQL on Hadoop

You need a good optimiser to get decent SQL performance from Hadoop.
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Big data storage options

If you implement a different database on top of Hadoop is it still Hadoop? If you replace the file system in Hadoop (or MongoDB) is still Hadoop?
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Adding SQL to a NoSQL database will only be of limited value unless you also have a database optimiser
Cover for Big Data Analytics with Hadoop and Sybase IQ

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop and Sybase IQ

In this paper we will not only discuss what big data is and why you might want to deploy big data analytics but also what sort of facilities you need when combining Hadoop with a traditional warehouse.
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Cassandra and Hadoop

You can combine DataStax's distribution of Cassandra on the same cluster as Hadoop
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Hadapt - Hadapt is the latest big data database offering

What makes Hadapt different is that it combines both Hadoop-based and relational storage
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IBM, Hadoop, Initiate and other things

A roundup of things that took my interest at IoD Rome
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