Whatever has happened to Acunu?

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Regular readers will know that I have been following Acunu (originally a Cassandra distributor, more recently the provider of Acunu Analytics) for some time. However, things have gone quiet. The web site has not been updated since early December. Normally, that would imply that the company has gone out of business but this doesn’t appear to be the case. Why do I think this?

Firstly, my contacts at the company have left Acunu but are not saying anything more than that. Secondly, a company search reveals that the Chairman and five other directors resigned in December but another director was appointed. Interestingly, this new director was previously (and may still be) a director of Novauris Technologies, the speech recognition vendor that (as was only recently revealed) was acquired by Apple last October.

More tellingly, Acunu has not gone into receivership, liquidation or been dissolved. In February, it registered a change of address—to 100 New Bridge Street—which houses the offices of the law firm Baker and McKenzie.

In other words, Acunu is still out there even if it is apparently not doing anything or, at least, not telling anyone what it is doing. So, what is going on? I could make some wild guesses—the company was obviously a potential take-over target, for example—but I am not going to make any such assumption. However, I do think that the company is acting in bad faith by not openly stating what is happening. I am distinctly unimpressed. If anyone out there knows any more about this than I do (and is prepared to talk about it), please post a relevant comment.