OneVoice Initiative to be Announced at e-access 11

Written By: Peter Abrahams
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There are a very large number of websites, both in the public and private sector, that are not fully accessible.

The reasons for this sad state of affairs include:

  • Ignorance: the web site owners are not aware of the issue or its importance.
  • Complexity: the owners of the sites are aware of the issue but find the subject so complex that they decide to ignore it and hope that no one will force them to fix the problem.

The OneVoice for Accessible ICT Coalition, of which I am a member, recognised these issues and decided to address the complexity issue with a new initiative, ‘First Seven Steps to Accessible Websites’.

The overwhelming complexity can be overcome by providing a set of small initial steps that an owner can take that will improve the accessibility of the website and create a roadmap for future steps.

The initiative will be formally announced, by Nigel Lewis and myself, at e-access 11, 28 June in London. Please come along and hear the announcement and have a chance to see the accompanying website.