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This page was archived on 11th March, 2019 and is no longer actively maintained.

Accessibility - Further Information

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Why, oh why, do banks send phishing messages.

The banks, governments and other institutions tell us the hallmarks of fraudulent communications. So it is madness when they send messages that look fraudulent.
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Stylish Documents are Best – A Rant

Word processors have powerful tools that make it easy to create elegant and accessible documents. Many people do not know how to use them which is a disaster.
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Turn your iPhone into a talking clock - Hear the time at night without even opening your eyes

Two ways of turning an iPhone into a talking clock using VoiceOver and one touch of the phone or using Siri . How to do it and pros and cons of each.
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Accessible documents - choosing a format for creation, distribution and consumption

Describes the issues around accessible documents, the available formats and recommends epub as the most flexible solution
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e-Access 13

e access 13 is the UK accessibility conference come and join me.
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Training for Web Accessibility

New course introduces Web Accessibility simply, quickly and inexpensively.
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15 minute website accessibility test

quick test to ascertain level of website owner commitment to accessibility
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Major new report Accessible ICT — Benefits to Business and Society

A new report highlights the business benefits organisations gain from accessibility and outlines how to achieve similar results in your organisation.
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Creation of Accessible Documents

This paper concentrates on the creation of accessible PDF files from word processing and desktop publishing systems.
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Oracle’s Commitment to Accessibility

Oracle recognizes that accessibility is a continuing journey and it will continue to invest to ensure a high level of support in its current and future products.
Cover for Accessible Information and Communication Technology

Accessible Information and Communication Technology

This Spotlight paper examines the definition of accessibility, the benefits of accessibility, the risks of non-compliance, and the tools and techniques required to implement accessible solutions.
Cover for Usability and Accessibility in ICT

Usability and Accessibility in ICT

This paper is designed to introduce you to the issues, requirements, solutions benefits around accessibility and usability.
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