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Usability and Accessibility in ICT

Cover for Usability and Accessibility in ICT

By: Peter Abrahams
Classification: White Paper

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This paper is designed to introduce you to the issues, requirements, solutions benefits around accessibility and usability. It also aims to persuade you to actively integrate accessibility as a critical success factor in the management and implementation of the design and development process within your business.

It is in four parts:

1. The issues: An introduction to the issues of accessibility, including a description of the wealth of disabilities and their varying implications and requirements. This section also includes accessibility implications for able bodied people.

2. Life cycle governance and tools: Common excuses for not making systems accessible and recommended tools for ensuring, through governance, that accessibility is incorporated in each phase of the life cycle of system development.

3. The business case: Benefits of ensuring your new corporate systems are developed as accessible and that existing ones are upgraded to incorporate accessibility features.

4. Appendixes: Including a listing of potential vendors.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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