e-Access 11, 28 June, is only a month away

Written By: Peter Abrahams
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e-Access is only a month away and will be the best e-Access conference to date.The committee arranging it have brought together a stellar group of speakers.

In one day you will hear from:

  • Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, who should update us on the Government’s progress since his keynote at e-access ’10
  • Stephen Duckworth, Board Member of the Olympic Delivery Authority
  • Miro Griffiths, Disability Equality Consultant, will discuss Disability in the Real World
  • Nigel Lewis, CEO AbilityNet and chair of the OneVoice Coalition, will announce a first steps to accessible web sites initiative
  • Mark Ferrar, Microsoft; Sarah Hilderley, EDItEUR (standards body for e-books); and Chris Chant, Cabinet Office will predict the future of accessibility.

In between these plenary sessions will be a host of workshops and seminars covering both business and technology issues for the beginner, intermediate and expert attendee. A few that particularly caught my eye:

  • Accessing HTML5—HTML is dead: long live HTML!
  • Accessibility—the legal requirements and how to comply Accessibility of e-learning Procurement for accessibility

This is an event not to miss if you have an interest in e-accessibility so click now to find out more at e-Access 11. I look forward to seeing lots of my readers at the event; I am the 4 Bs—balding, bespectacled, bearded and bow-tied—so please come and introduce yourself.