Bloor Invites you to e-Access ’10

Written By: Peter Abrahams
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Bloor Research, as a member of the OneVoice for Accessible ICT Coalition, is delighted to invite you to e-Access ’10. Bloor Analyst, Peter Abrahams, will be chairing the session ‘Where do I Start’.

e-Access ’10: technology for all

13 July, Olympia 2 Conference Centre, London

The UK’s leading conference on access to technology by people with disabilities is co-hosted by OneVoice for Accessible IT Coalition with E-Access Bulletin.

Sessions cover the business, legal and ethical drivers for making computers, mobile phones and all digital technologies accessible to all.

These days, all organisations use technology, and in today’s tough economic climate, it makes no sense to exclude any customers, service users or employees through poor technology design. Case studies at e-Access ’10 will help organisations of all sizes take their first steps towards or improve their track record on accessibility. For more information, please visit: