The Big Ask – try to join the march without a mouse

Written By: Peter Abrahams
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I was rung today by Friend’s of the Earth (FOE) (an environmental campaign group in the UK) to update me on what they are doing, then to ask me for more money, and finally to ask me to go on to the web and join the Big Ask March. The online march is to put pressure on the UK parliament to pass strong environmental laws next year.

My Big Ask of you is to try and use the site and see the problems you have if you cannot use a mouse. I am using this an example of a badly designed web site in terms of accessibility. I apologise now to FOE for the bad publicity but I hope that will be balanced by a number of my readers joining the march. Just to show it can be done I will point you to another site that does it better at the end of this article.

The site is a useful example because it is small, relatively simple and has got some nice graphic design.

Go to and start tabbing. Everything is accessible and logical. This shows it can be done.

I am now looking for an example site that combines some of the visual appeal of the big ask with the accessibility of Michael Page.