Firefox Accessibility: little things that help

Written By: Peter Abrahams
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I often find that some small thing can have a disproportional benefit. I have found an example in Firefox.

I am a great fan of Firefox but I always find it difficult to see what item has focus. The focus is indicated by bordering the item with very small black dots; the design of many web sites means that the dots are difficult to distinguish amongst the colours and patterns surrounding the items (try pressing the tab button now a few times and see if you can find the focus; if you are using IE or Firefox this will be a challenge). If you are a mouse user this is really not a problem; but, if like me, you try and avoid using the mouse by using the tab button to navigate around the screen, being able to see the focus is essential.

I suspect that many users do not even realise that focus exists. I often see people trying to fill in a form by moving the mouse to the required field and then typing even though the field is already the focus and they could just type, or moving the mouse to the submit button when just a click on the enter button would be faster and have the same effect.

The solution to my problem is an add-on called Access Firefox which brings together ideas and discussions on Firefox and accessibility.