Data Migration Customer Survey

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Date: 24th February, 2014
Format: Research Report

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Data migration, in and of itself, does not lend any value to your business. However, there are a number of things that you might like to do for your business that you cannot do without going through a data migration process. For example, you might want to consolidate multiple applications of a similar type, which have perhaps grown up through mergers and acquisitions, onto a single platform. There are various sound business reasons for wanting to do this but you will not be able to successfully accomplish this consolidation without migrating the data from the old environments into the new one. Similarly, if you want to migrate an important application from a legacy mainframe environment to a more modern distributed system, or if you want to change your enterprise application (from SAP to Oracle, say, or vice versa) or database, or you want to implement master data management, or even if you want to migrate between significant versions of the same enterprise application or database, then you will need to migrate your data as a part of the upgrade process.

This paper draws from both our latest research and a comparison with the results of our 2007 survey. The results are instructive: we have been able to see whether the recommendations we made in 2007 have been adopted and how successful they were, as well as drawing out new insights into what steps should be taken to ensure successful data migration projects. A summary of these results and suggested actions are provided in the next section, which is followed by an in-depth look at the latest results and we conclude with a discussion of how X88 is addressing the issues raised in this paper with its Pandora product.