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Data Migration - Where's the Value?

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Cover for Data Migration Customer Survey

Data Migration Customer Survey

This paper draws from both our latest research and a comparison with the results of our 2007 survey.
Cover for Software tool capabilities for data migration

Software tool capabilities for data migration

In this paper the discussion remains as it was in our original paper but we have added a section on Pandora and updated our conclusions.
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Data Migration Survey 2011

The full report is now available. We identify how to save an average of $170,000 per project.
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Data migration snippets

Preliminary results from our 2011 data migration survey
Cover for Business-centric data migration

Business-centric data migration

Historically, data migration projects have been prone to time and cost overruns and, in some cases, outright failures. However, that doesn
Cover for Zero-downtime Migration

Zero-downtime Migration

We discuss the zero-downtime migration solution offered by GoldenGate Software and the approaches that that company can offer.
Cover for Data Migration Survey

Data Migration Survey

No summary available. For further information please contact us.
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