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Data Migration - Further Information

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Cover for What's Hot in Data?

What’s Hot in Data

In this paper, we have identified the potential significance of a wide range of data-based technologies that impact on the move to a data-driven environment.
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Delphix and the agile data platform

Amongst other things (migrations, legacy modernisation, archival) Delphix provides test data management without needing to subset the data
Cover for Data Migration Market Update - 2013

Data Migration Market Update – 2013

There are several distinct market sectors within data migration. For example, there are specific application migrations to, for example, the latest version of SAP.
Cover for Lower your risk with application data migration

Lower your risk with application data migration - next steps with Informatica

In this paper we will review what Bloor Research has learned over the past six years, since we first published our original Data Migration Survey in 2007.
Cover for Data Migration - 2011

Data Migration – 2011

The message from this report is clear: data migration can be successfully achieved, with a low risk of overruns, provided that best practices are adopted.
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Data Migration Survey 2011

The full report is now available. We identify how to save an average of $170,000 per project.
Cover for Data Migration Report - 2011

Data Migration Report – 2011

This paper draws from both our latest research and a comparison with the results of our 2007 survey.
Cover for Grid-Tools Data Masking

Grid-Tools Data Masking

This paper argues that using manual methods for data masking will typically be inadequate, is time consuming and costly.
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Data migration snippets

Preliminary results from our 2011 data migration survey
Cover for Data Migration White Paper

Data Migration White Paper

This paper will discuss why data migration is important to your business and why the actual process of migration needs to be treated as a business issue.
Cover for Business-centric data migration

Business-centric data migration

Historically, data migration projects have been prone to time and cost overruns and, in some cases, outright failures. However, that doesn
Cover for Rever


This paper focuses on the use of REVER for migration projects, but also considers the complementary nature of its use for data quality purposes.
Cover for Zero-downtime Migration

Zero-downtime Migration

We discuss the zero-downtime migration solution offered by GoldenGate Software and the approaches that that company can offer.
Cover for SAP Data Migration using Business Objects Information Management Software

SAP Data Migration using Business Objects Information Management Software

This paper is about using information management software from Business Objects, a SAP company.
Cover for Data Migration Market Update 2008

Data Migration Market Update 2008

Data migration is a very large subset of the data integration market. According to our research the market for data migration was significantly in excess of $5bn last year.
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Data Migration

With this article Bloor Research is making two papers (one a survey and the other a white paper) on data mingration available for free download.
Cover for Data Migration Survey

Data Migration Survey

No summary available. For further information please contact us.
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