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Data Migration - What's Changed?

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BackOffice Associates reinvents itself

BackOffice is moving towards a much more tool agnostic (not just SAP) approach and across the spectrum of data integration/governance functions.
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Data Migration Market Update – 2013

There are several distinct market sectors within data migration. For example, there are specific application migrations to, for example, the latest version of SAP.
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Entota acquired

Entota, the (SAP) data migration specialist has been acquired by BackOffice Associates.
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Data Migration Survey 2011

The full report is now available. We identify how to save an average of $170,000 per project.
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Data migration snippets

Preliminary results from our 2011 data migration survey
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Oracle buys GoldenGate

Oracle has today announced that it is to acquire GoldenGate Software. Somewhat surprisingly, many of the people that I have mentioned GoldenGate to in the past, both users and vendors, have never...
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Data Migration

With this article Bloor Research is making two papers (one a survey and the other a white paper) on data mingration available for free download.
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Data Migration Survey

No summary available. For further information please contact us.
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