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Future of Work - What's Innovative?

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Vision, Aims and Critical Success Factors - How do you know you’re doing Future of Work 'right'?

How do you know you are doing the future of work right? The future is here now – you need to start thinking differently and getting prepared.
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Future of Work and the Gig Economy - Keeping the wolf from the door in uncertain times

Future of Work is the “gig economy” - temporary positions with workers hired short-term. This is very “Mutable Business” but can bring worker insecurity.
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New Business Models – From Human to Hybrid - The Future of Work Series

The migration to a human/machine hybrid business model is well under way. The pace and nature of the change is accelerating all the time.
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The Future of Work – a new frame of reference

The future of work has been a difficult to define but hot topic for the last few years. Here is our framework for rethinking and getting prepared.
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This one’s a Keeper – with KeeperHR, FTEs can have personalities too

KeeperHR aims at elucidating employee personalities and keeping a record of them in a Personality Profile. This one’s a Keeper!
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