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Evolve Reinvent Prosper is our brand new podcast series, focusing on how businesses are evolving to survive and thrive. Each episode will feature an inspiring interview with a world-class business brain, including insights into how they’ve adapted their way of working and thinking to meet the needs of a constantly changing landscape. The show is hosted by Brian Jones, Chairman of Bloor Research, and Elizabeth Hotson, BBC journalist and podcaster.

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In episode 2, Brian and Elizabeth chat to Simon Day who tells the story of how Winterbotham Darby has developed from a market-leading position in upscale charcuterie and olives into a company at the top of the plant-based food pyramid. Whilst retaining the omnivorous Unearthed brand, the company has expanded into premium pickles via Vadasz and the lunchtime vegan market with Squeaky Bean. And with supermarkets rolling their own plant-based offerings, Simon tells us how he thinks Winterbotham Darby can stay one step ahead.