Bloor launches innovative new service to ‘navigate’ business to being in a constant state of reinvention

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Independent research and analyst house Bloor Research today announce the launch of their new ‘Navigator’ programme.

The Navigator service builds on Bloor’s pioneering Mutable Business™ concept, a framework for success which eschews the traditional ‘one and done’ approach of digital transformation models in favour of a constant, evolving state of reinvention that places an equal emphasis on the pillars of business models, people and technology.

Through bringing an “outside in” perspective to the challenges and opportunities as well as providing quality assurance aimed at optimising investments, the Navigators will support businesses to construct their own roadmap for constant change.

Bloor has engaged with many C-Suite Executives who feel their organisations aren’t capable of driving the transformational changes necessary. All this, whilst facing new customer and stakeholder behaviours, disruptive technologies, the impact of Covid-19, changing regulatory policies, and the effects of globalisation.

Bloor Navigators are a group of experienced independent executives, consultants and analysts set to ‘navigate’ businesses through this uncertain future. Each Navigator has a broad and deep skill set and a passion for helping organisations create their own capacity to exist in a highly adaptable, constantly evolving state, with the capabilities and structures to match.

Typically, this will involve a combination of one or more elements:

  • A health check of a client’s current capability, including any digital transformation programs, the organisational construct, and the capability of existing resources.
  • A Quality Assurance exercise to provide objective feedback on a proposed investment.
  • A blueprinting exercise to help a client define a desired go-to state for the organisation.
  • A view of disruption threats and opportunities in the client’s sector
  • Facilitation of the creation of a roadmap for moving from current state to go-to state, including creating their own Mutable Business™ capability.
  • A review of people, culture and leadership
  • Assistance with and input to strategic planning exercises, investment or business cases
  • Help with contracting and commercial negotiation.

Brian Jones, Chairman of Bloor said: “While it might seem a cliché to say these are unprecedented times, the reality is that many businesses are just not prepared to deal with crises on this scale. Now is the time to challenge these existing, unsustainable models if they want to survive.

“We believe that the vast experience and skillsets of our Navigator team will really help clients define and understand their desired ‘go-to’ state, create a true roadmap for how they can achieve that, and become truly Mutable in the process.”

Cathie Donaldson a Bloor Navigator and future of work expert said: “I am delighted to be involved with the Bloor Navigator programme and working with such a prestigious and forward-thinking organisation.

“This is such a critical time for many businesses and industries. The need to become Mutable has never been higher, and I’m looking forward to helping businesses achieve this and reach their vision.”

Bloor are offering a free self-assessment – How Mutable is your business, for the first 20 companies that contact them.