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Threat Detection and Response - Further Information

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NETWORK DETECTION AND RESPONSE MarketUpdate (cover thumbnail)

Network Detection and Response

Find out who the major players are in the Network Detection and Response market and what this technology area can do for your organisation.
THE PROMISE OF XDR WhitePaper (cover thumbnail)

The Promise of XDR - Helping to dramatically improve detection and response capabilities

XDR is a new set of tools that holds much promise for improving threat detection and response to counter today’s security challenges.
00002696 - THE PROMISE OF NDR Spotlight (cover thumbnail)

The promise of NDR - Network detection and response becoming mainstream

This Spotlight report explains what NDR is and how it works and its usefulness for a wide range of organisations.
What is XDR

What is XDR?

What is XDR and why is it needed? What can it do for you? This infographic explains in a clear and concise way.
00002603 - MDR Market Update Feb 2021 cover thumbnail

Managed Detection and Response Services

This MDR services update provides insight into how various leading vendors in this market are positioned and discusses the trends being seen.
MANAGED DETECTION RESPONSE Market Report cover thumbnail

Managed Detection and Response

This Market Report segments vendors within the still emerging managed detection and response (MDR) services market.
00002601 - MDR eBOOK cover thumbnail

MDR: a path to outcome-based security - Keys to defining and deriving value

By taking into account the considerations in this eBook, organisations will be better informed as to what they need from an MDR service provider.
Alert Logic logo

Seven Essential Tenets of Comprehensive MDR

Fran Howarth was a guest on the first three parts of Alert Logic's Seven Essential Tenets of Comprehensive MDR webcast series.
MDR Spotlight cover

Managed Detection and Response Services - Key to Winning Today's Security Battles

Managed detection and response services provide access to advanced tech and skilled resources to ensure businesses can achieve their objectives.
Cover for the Endpoint detection and response Hot Report

Endpoint detection and response

EDR supplements traditional endpoint protection by providing capabilities for threat detection and response, going beyond a traditional focus on threat prevention and protection.
Cover for The ongoing evolution of SIEM

The ongoing evolution of SIEM - the value of security insight

SIEM systems are entering a new era. Complementary technologies are creating visibility into networks that are required for actionable security insight.
Cover for Security response orchestration

Security Response Orchestration

Security response orchestration enables automated incident response when appropriate, augmented with human knowledge for better-informed decision making.
Cover for User and entity behavioural analytics

User and Entity Behavioural Analytics

UEBA technologies focus on identifying patterns of activity that are outside of the normal patterns expected in order to identify activity that could be suspicious or clearly malicious.
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