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Test Design Automation - Further Information

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Cover for Test Design Automation (Hot Report)

Test Design Automation

What is Test Design Automation, how does it work, and why should you care about it?
Cover for Testplant Eggplant AI

Testplant Eggplant AI

This paper is a discussion and technical evaluation of Eggplant AI and related products in the Testplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite.
Cover for Conformiq Creator and Conformiq Transformer

Conformiq Creator and Conformiq Transformer

This a technical evaluation of Conformiq’s products for Test Design Automation.
Cover for Tricentis Tosca TestSuite

Tricentis Tosca TestSuite

Continuous testing is becoming not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity.
Cover for Blueprint and Storyteller

Blueprint and Storyteller

This paper focuses on Storyteller plus particular elements of Blueprint that complement Storyteller.
Cover for Best-of-breed test design automation

Best-of-breed test design automation

The tools evaluated here certainly automate the generation of test cases, but some of them do so in only a limited fashion while many of them do rather more ...
Cover for TurnKey Solutions

TurnKey Solutions

This is a technical evaluation of Turnkey Solutions' offering.
Cover for Hexawise


This is a technical evaluation of Hexawise, which is a modern pairwise testing tool.
Cover for CA Agile Requirements Designer

CA Agile Requirements Designer

This paper represents a technical evaluation of CA Agile Requirements Designer.
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Just what is risk based testing, anyway?

Ask almost any vendor what they mean by risk based testing and they'll give you a different answer.
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