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Streaming Analytics Platforms - What's Changed?

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Streaming Analytics 2021

What’s the state of Streaming Analytics in 2021, and how has it changed since Bloor's last market overview back in 2018?
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Transforming TIBCO

TIBCO has announced the acquisition of Alpine Data. Last month it acquired Composite Software from Cisco and in the summer, it acquired Statistica. What's going on?
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Streams, events and analytics

Stream processing is enjoying a resurgence thanks to big data and the emergence of the Internet of Things.
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ParStream and the edge

The Internet of Things will require distributed stream-based computing: ParStream is a pioneer in this area.
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For everything there is a season

Kx Systems used to be focused on financial markets but its technology is well suited to the Internet of Things. The company has significant new opportunities.
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Making sense of it all 2

Partial consolidation is occuring in the CEP market
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CEP and analytics

I always thought CEP was about analytics but most vendors didn't; now it turns out that there a few who agree with me
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Events and other things

The advent of IBM's System S (which I shall discuss in more detail in a subsequent article) raises interesting questions about the nature of event and stream-based processing. The reason for this...
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Aleri merges with Coral8

Aleri has merged with Coral8, although since it is arguable that there is no such thing as a merger—this being just a friendly name for a takeover—and as the new company will be trading...
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Progress Apama 4.0

Progress Apama is a complex event processing platform aimed at building real-time, event-driven applications and supporting event driven architectures.
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Speculation, Streams, Warehousing and the X-Men

I recently wrote (see IBM, BEP and CEP) about IBM's release of InfoSphere Streams. I reported that rather than referring to this as a complex event processing (CEP) product they are instead calling...
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IBM has just held its first annual analyst's conference on what it calls Business Event Processing (BEP). Now, followers of the complex event processing (CEP) market will know that IBM has renamed...
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What’s happening in CEP?

An update on the CEP (complex event processing) market
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Whatever happened to iSpheres?

Avaya has announced a new CEBP (communications enabled business process) solution. What was formerly iSpheres' Event Processor is part of that solution.
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Event Processing

This report describes the technology and what it is good for, including providing a series of use cases. In other words: what event processing is, how it works and where you might use it.
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Kaskad Korrelera

Kaskad is a company providing a generic event processing engine (Korrelera) and applications that run on top of that engine.
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Progress buys Apama

Progress has just announced that it has acquired Apama, whose software will now form part of the ObjectStore division of Progress.
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