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Kaskad Korrelera

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Classification: Product Evaluation

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Kaskad is a company providing a generic event processing engine (Korrelera) and applications that run on top of that engine. In terms of the former,
this means that Kaskad provides a technology that has been designed to provide real-time operational support wherever it is needed and,
especially, in environments that are exception-driven. That is, where divergences from the norm are either threats or opportunities that need to be
acted upon as swiftly as possible.

These sorts of environments occur frequently, from capital markets to homeland security; from battlefield monitoring to network management in
transportation, utilities or IT (business activity monitoring or network monitoring); from RFID processing in retail environments to credit card fraud
detection and prevention; and from cell-phone tariff lookups to database monitoring, to name just a few.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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