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Streams, events and analytics

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This paper is about complex event processing, stream processing, event stream analytics and any number of other terms which are more or less used interchangeably. We will discuss what differences there are between these in due course but, for the being we will refer to this as stream processing. Whatever you want to call it, this technology addresses the need to be able to query and/or process very large volumes of data with very low latency. While the market for this has been limited and growing only slowly for many years the drive towards big data – especially its velocity aspect but also its variety – has significantly increased uptake in recent times, with growth currently estimated at around 70% over the last two years. As the Internet of Things grows in importance we expect this figure to increase appreciably in the medium term.

This paper is designed to explain what these technologies are and how they work, to describe where they can be beneficial and to discuss the sorts of features you should expect from relevant products.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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