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OBSERVABILITY Spotlight cover thumbnail

Observability - Towards a user-centric, business services-oriented view of IT performance

Observability is a child of DevOps. It is a collection of tools, techniques & best practices. It allows SREs, SecOps and ITOps to understand how app code behaviour affects business services.
SILWOOD InBrief -(cover thumbnail)

Silwood Safyr

Silwood Safyr is a software product which supports customers who need to exploit metadata in their ERP and CRM systems.
IBM INFORMIX InBrief cover thumbnail

IBM Informix

IBM Informix is an object-relational database with native support for both time-series and geospatial data.
IN BRIEF INFLUX DATA cover thumbnail


InfluxDB is a time series database that has been designed that way, as opposed to a relational (or other) database that supports time series.
QUASAR InBrief cover thumbnail


QuasarDB is a NewSQL column-oriented, time-series, distributed database that uses a peer-to-peer approach to support QuasarDB clusters.
Cover for SentryOne


This paper focuses on the synergies between the products that SentryOne has been developing and marketing since it was founded, and those which it gained when it acquired Pragmatic Works Software in April 2018.
Cover for Test Design Automation (Hot Report)

Test Design Automation (July 2018)

What is Test Design Automation, how does it work, and why should you care about it?
Cover for Testplant Eggplant AI

Testplant Eggplant AI

This paper is a discussion and technical evaluation of Eggplant AI and related products in the Testplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite.
Cover for Conformiq Creator and Conformiq Transformer

Conformiq Creator and Conformiq Transformer

This a technical evaluation of Conformiq’s products for Test Design Automation.
Cover for Tricentis Tosca TestSuite

Tricentis Tosca TestSuite

Continuous testing is becoming not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity.
Cover for Blueprint and Storyteller

Blueprint and Storyteller

This paper focuses on Storyteller plus particular elements of Blueprint that complement Storyteller.
Cover for CA Agile Requirements Designer

CA Agile Requirements Designer

This paper represents a technical evaluation of CA Agile Requirements Designer.
Cover for Optimising HPE ALM with CA Agile Requirements Designer

Optimising HPE ALM with CA Agile Requirements Designer

CA Agile Requirements Designer brings significant additional capabilities to HPE ALM environments.
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Perforce embraces OSS – in part

Perforce has given some of its IP to the OSS community
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Are you experiencing unwanted friction?

A BMC quiz identifies areas of friction between IT and business users
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Configuration management and Trust

If you don't know what you have, where it is and how it is configured, how can you trust any of its outcomes?
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The Configuration Management Specialist Group conference

he BCS CMSG conference this year is on 10 of June 2014
Cover for The importance of performance to DevOps

The importance of performance to DevOps

Production performance is not normally a functional requirement for application development projects but, in our minds, it should be.
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More than a DevOps story

This is a review of a book: fiction about DevOps. But rather more than that
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Git along thar little dogie

A BCS CMSG event highlights the advantages of open-source distributed version control.
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Orchestrating Release Management

Serena announces its process-driven approach to application delivery end-to-end, from demand to deployment.
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