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Analytics - What's Innovative?

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Board BEAM

BEAM offers users with only a reasonable amount of training access to advanced analytics capability to undertake predictive, clustering and analytical functions
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Summon up your inner Bletchley Park - To achieve the next level of savings and agility you need to be able to decode what is going on in your IT infrastructure

New storage solutions are able to ingest vast amounts of real-time data from IoT sensors and probes. AI & data analytics solutions decode the data & predict IT Infrastructure problems.
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The Cloud, Data Warehousing and Snowflake, all my old ideas shot to ribbons!

An introduction to Snowflake a true data warehouse for the Cloud
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The Road to insight through AI, a conversation with Jennifer Rouband

Jennifer Roubaud is the VP for UK and Ireland of Dataiku, who market an enterprise analytics platform the Data Science Studio.
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TigerGraph is a graph database that has just been formally released. It is targeted at real-time graph analytics.
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Thoughtspot, a truly disruptive innovation that will change how you perceive BI

Thoughtspot is a complete rethink of how analytics and BI should be done and its a huge success and it will challenge the market
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The future is pretty damn fine, I have discovered Saltare

Saltare delivering BI and analytics as it should be done, looking at people and process as well as technology
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Zizo provides analytics as a service with its solution targeted at all classes and sizes of organisations.
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Pentaho 7.0 a further instalment in the pursuit of excellence

Latest release of the Pentaho Business Analytics platform discussed
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Zizo: the analytics

The second blog about Zizo, discussing its analytic capabilities.
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Zizo: using a pattern database

The first of two blogs discussing Zizo, an analytics vendor. This blog discusses the underlying database.
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Qlik Sense and data preparation

Qlik has just released Qlik Sense 3.0. It has some advanced data preparation capabilities.
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SAS goes open

SAS is being innovative in a number of areas, not least of which is opening up to other languages
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Dell Statistica

Statistica leverages Boomi for the Internet of Things
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Guavus – Using analytics to achieve the impossible dream of making cuts without detrimental impact.

Guavus - use analytics to determine the real impact of both investments and cuts. Enabling cost savings which do not impair the customer experience !
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A modern take on master data

Reltio provides analytic applications - think actionable insight - on top of an MDM foundation
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Privacy Analytics’ Risk Monitor

Privacy Analytics has un-bundled its Risk Monitor. You can monitor the risk of re-identification in data masking environments and prove compliance.
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Deepfield – A major new force in Telco advanced network analytics

Deepfield are offering a new approach to network analytics for Telcos promises much and delivers business changing insights
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dashDB is IBM's in-cloud warehousing as a service
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Graphs and GPUs

SYSTAP is implementing its graph database using Nvidia GPUs. This has some serious price/performance benefits for large scale analytics.
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Chartio – bringing BI to the Business

Chartio have brought a point and click reporting tool to market that combines a low TCO, with ease of use and professional looking results.
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Watson – finally!

I think I finally understand the difference between Watson and Watson Analytics
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“Big Data” announcements

Companies are already making announcements ahead of next week's Strata conference.
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Managing the data asset with Pentaho

A look at the solution that Pentaho is putting in place to manage the data asset in a way that befits both the business and technology
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The gazelle leaps into action

Springbok is a data preparation platform for business users.
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Arria: wow!

Arria doesn't just analyse data for you, it presents the results, with recommendations, in natural language.
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Taming the data preparation beast

Data preparation is emerging as a market in support of data scientists. Tamr is the new kid on the block but its antecedents suggest that it will be successful
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It’s replication, but not as you know it

Attunity's replication solution is well worth a serious look
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SBS VALID: business intelligence or search?

There are a number of search/BI tools but SBS VALID is unique (I think) in being based on graph technology - and that provides significant advantages
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Try wrangling your data

Data preparation is the biggest part (around 80%) of and data discovery/mining exercise. Trifacta specialises in making this easy in a big data world.
Cover for Approximate Query Processing

Approximate Query Processing

This paper examines approximate query processing (AQP) as an approach to particular types of query where approximations are appropriate.
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Nominum – powering the internet - ... and now enabling the Telcos to achieve more for their customers

Nominum, best known for their domain server expertise, apply analytics to their operational data to add potential business value to service providers
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Reader’s assistance required - I need help with use cases for query approximation

Query approximation can improve performance, especially for iterative processes
Cover for Considerations for maximising analytic performance

Considerations for maximising analytic performance

Bloor Research was asked to compare the performance capabilities of the leading business analytic platforms.
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Cover for Information optimisation

Information optimisation

Maximising your information resources means being able to access all of your data, regardless of where it resides and irrespective of the format it may be in.
Cover for Thinking holistically about query environments

Thinking holistically about query environments

This paper is about how business intelligence complements analytic processes and applications - and how both of these are complemented by data governance.
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Cloud computing – is it a billing thing?

Actian exploits its ParAccel, Pervasive Software and Versant Corporation acquisition as two new cloud offerings.
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BLU Acceleration

BLU Acceleration provides significantly improved query performance in IBM DB2 data warehousing environments.
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OpenLink – analytics in action

A look at how analytics can extend the capability of an already comprehensive operational management tool
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Alteryx Communications Edition - Analytics for the 21 century

Technology enables us to bring together vast quantities of data, and nowhere is that truer that in a Telco.
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QlikTech acquires expressor

QlikTech has bought expressor Software. Why? And what's it going to do with it?
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IBM PointStream at the US Open tennis tournament, Big Data in the real world

IBM use their ability with analytics to bring a superior fan experience to the US open tennis
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Everything in the right place?

A quick look at how IBM have handled the many acquisitions that they have assembled to underpin their Business Analytics and Optimisation practise
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Big Data Analytical Applications

A brief explanation of what applications to exploit Big Data currently look like and what they do which is different
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A first look at Endeca Latitude - Endeca and a way to present information from Big Data

Whilst the tin and wire of Big Data is gaining a lot of attention, how to actually use the data and turn it into information is still in its infancy
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Connexica CXAIR

CXAIR is a BI tool that supports queries against both structured and unstructured data
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BI for hybrid (big) data

How do you combine structured and unstructured data for query purposes?
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Combining search and BI

Endeca Latitude tightly integrates BI and search: neither is simply an appenadage to the other
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Predixion is a data mining provider that uses Excel and the Cloud! At least sometimes.
Cover for Enabling in-database advanced analytics with Sybase IQ

Enabling in-database advanced analytics with Sybase IQ

Whether it is to better understand customer behaviour, optimise your supply chain or to recognise and prevent fraud, it should be clear that there is significant value to be derived from advanced analytics and in-database analytics as a discipline.
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It’s not just Analytics….

Good analytics are worth nothing unless they are used to deliver business value - and, IBM says, this is where Optimisation might come in....
Cover for Netezza: Enabling Advanced Analytics

Netezza: Enabling Advanced Analytics

In-place analytics processing will mean that network bottlenecks can be eliminated, while the high performance processing should deliver significantly faster time to insight.
Cover for Enabling Advanced Analytics

Enabling Advanced Analytics

There is significant value to be derived from advanced analytics and its implementation in-database.
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Delivering Self-Learning Performance Management with Netuitive

Netuitive offer probably the most innovative performance management suite available today. It's a real time offering able to adapt dynamically to meet business needs.
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