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Free Download (subject to terms)

Zizo provides analytics as a service with its solution targeted at all classes and sizes of organisations. While on-premises deployments are possible, typical users employ Zizo within a managed cloud environment. A major feature is that Zizo provides everything you might need with respect to analytics or business intelligence: the database in which to store the data, facilities to transform Executive summary existing (internal and external) data and load it into that database, data preparation functionality for blending the data, query and analytic capabilities to explore the data, built-in slice and dice and reporting capabilities, and dashboards in which to represent the results. The company provides its own front-end tool – Insight – for data visualisation, which has been specially tuned to work with large data sets. Connectivity options are also provided to support third-party tools such as Yellowfin, Qlik and Tableau. 

Free Download (subject to terms)

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