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Trendalyze (June 2018)

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Trendalyze describes its core capability as the discovery of motifs (and anomalies) within time series data. You can think of a motif as a micro-pattern but it is more accurately a shape. Once a motif of interest is discovered, or defined, then Trendalyze will search through your time series data to look for recurrences of that motif or for occurrences of shapes that resemble, within parameters that you define, the motif in question. You can then raise alerts that will be generated as this motif is recognised in real-time.

We are impressed by Trendalyze. One of the big problems with Artificial Intelligence is that it is often difficult to put machine (let alone deep) learning into operation, typically because there is a disconnect between data scientists, who often work for business departments, and IT. As an end user tool Trendalyze obviates this issue.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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