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Tools for Data Governance - DataFlux Data Management Platform

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The further down this stack you go the more tools there are available and the more relevant those tools are. However, the use of tools can certainly be valuable in the formulation of policies (at least sometimes) and, more especially, tools are a requirement at the process level. It is somewhat surprising, then, that there are very relevant tools at this level and it is here will have to be at our most innovative to imagine what sorts of tools might be useful at this level. Finally, at the functional level there are a plethora of relevant tools although, unfortunately, many of them are not joined up or available from a common vendor.

We will examine each of the elements in this stack in turn and then, in a separate section, we will consider one particular vendor’s approach to this issue. Specifically, we will discuss how DataFlux meets the requirements we have outlined in its latest 2.2 release (October 2011)  of the DataFlux Data Management Platform,  which includes a number of new features designed specifically to support data governance.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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