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The need to protect against file-based attacks - statistical evidence for the need for greater assurance

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Documents are vital in the conduct of any business and have an enormous part to play in effectively communicating and collaborating both within organisations and with business partners and customers. They often contain some of the most important information generated by organisations, causing users to be less than cautious in opening documents that could be considered to be suspicious.

The underlying structure of many document types makes it a relatively easy task to embed malicious exploits within such documents, downloading malware onto the machines and devices of those users. This, along with their widespread use, makes them a favoured threat vector for attackers, who are using increasingly complex exploits to bypass traditional defences.

The growing number of vendors turning to focus on defending against document and file-based threats attests to the severity and scale of the problem. These days, every organisation is vulnerable to targeted attacks using exploits tailored especially for them. Therefore, every organisation needs to take the threat seriously and close the window of opportunity presented to attackers through lax controls over the malicious content that can be embedded into such documents that can cause serious harm to their business.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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