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The Importance of Data Quality

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Classification: White Paper

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In a recent worldwide survey conducted by
Bloor Research we found that over 80% of
respondents, from both the business and IT,
agreed or strongly agreed that their organisation
recognised the importance of accurate
business information. So, this is not a paper intended
to preach to the converted. If more than
four-fifths of companies know how important
data quality is then the importance of data
quality should need no emphasis.

In this paper we will not discuss
the differences between products to prove our
assertion that there is a wide variety of capability
offered by the various vendors; what we
will discuss is why data quality is too important
to be treated as just another attribute of
something else. We will do this by examining
how good data quality can help you increase
revenues on the one hand and decrease costs
(and risks) on the other. We will also discuss
data quality in terms of its use in conjunction
with MDM initiatives, because the evidence
suggests that the recent/current recession
has significantly altered the approach that
many companies are taking to MDM. In addition,
we will discuss preventative data quality,
data quality with respect to data governance,
data quality associated with security and, finally,
we will consider the benefits associated
with data profiling.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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