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NuoDB Swifts Release 2.1

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Free Download (subject to terms)

NuoDB has a significantly different architecture from traditional row-based relational databases. However, from a developer and user’s perspective, and even from that of a database administrator, it looks like just like a conventional database of this type. In particular, it has a viable solution for large, geographically dispersed, web- facing, transaction-oriented and hybrid environments. Historically, conventional database products have had a problem meeting such requirements at scale and NuoDB meets this need. If you live and work in this sort of environment, or where you are migrating to cloud and hybrid cloud environments, then NuoDB is certainly worth serious consideration.

Actually, we would argue that NuoDB is worth serious consideration in other, less dispersed, transaction/ hybrid processing environments as well. In particular, it should be much less expensive than a merchant database both to install initially and to scale.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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