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Kdb+ and the Internet of Things/Big Data

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Kx Systems was founded more than 20 years ago, although the precursor to kdb+ (kdb) was not introduced until 1998. In the fifteen years since then the company and its product have earned a well-deserved reputation in the financial services market. That, in itself, speaks volumes: hedge funds and other financial institutions have been processing “big data” since before the term came into common parlance and Kx Systems has been a leading provider to that market. Today, Bloor Research believes that the company is well placed to exploit the capabilities of kdb+ in other big data markets and, especially, with respect to the Internet of Things. In fact, Kx Systems has already started to make inroads in this area, as we will discuss (by means of case studies) in due course. Our view is that Kx Systems has, perhaps serendipitously, built a platform that makes it ideal for many big data analytic requirements.

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