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Internet of Things - What's Innovative?

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3 IT infrastructure enablers for Industry 4.0

We are on the verge of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) Having up-to-date strategies for the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless networking and Edge computing will help position organisations to take advantage of expected step-change gains in productivity.
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Dell Statistica

Statistica leverages Boomi for the Internet of Things
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Kii to enable Smart City solutions in India

Kii, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, has announced it is bringing its IoT platform and experience to enable smart city solutions in India.
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Kii taking IoT into empowering the building sector through collaboration with HOUZE

Kii announced its collaboration with HOUZE to help integrate IoT into building development
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ARM and IoT - Everybody is innovating for IoT, but some IoT platforms are already here, and are just maturing

ARM has a strong IoT story, with an IoT platform providing hardware-enabled security.
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The IPv6 Conundrum

We must all move to IPv6 - but when, and why?
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ParStream and the edge

The Internet of Things will require distributed stream-based computing: ParStream is a pioneer in this area.
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Close to the edge

The Internet of Things is going to require distributed stream-based processing
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