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This paper has been superseded by InterSystems IRIS (2022) (December, 2022)

InterSystems IRIS (2019)

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Classification: InBrief

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InterSystems IRIS contains a multi-model database that stores data in multi-dimensional arrays. Models supported are relational, object, document, and multi-dimensional, and you can implement any number of these within the same environment with full interoperability.

The major elements of InterSystems IRIS are a horizontally and vertically scalable multi-model transactional-analytic database with full ACID compliance and immediate consistency; scalable and distributed application server(s); a development environment (Eclipse-based) supporting several languages; a business process layer with a rules engine, workflow and process orchestration; and specific capabilities to support analytics against both structured (including integration with Apache Spark) and unstructured (including natural language processing) data, as well as integration with streaming environments such as Apache Kafka.

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