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This paper has been superseded by Graph Databases (2023) (October, 2023)

Graph and RDF Databases 2015

Cover for Graph and RDF Databases 2015

Classification: Market Update

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There are lots of open source and development projects within the graph space. We have focused on those that we believe to be enterprise-ready. That is to say, we expect features such as high availability, resilience, security, scalability and performance as well as features that are specific to the graph and RDF markets.

With the exception of IBM, which has not yet got its act together with respect to graphs, all of the products included in this Market Update have significant strengths. The difficulty for potential users is identifying the particular types of use case for which each product is most suitable. This is one of the reasons why this is a rather longer Market Update than is typical: because we have wanted to give some indication as to the focus areas of the different vendors. As always, ultimately users should conduct proofs of concept both with respect to functionality and performance.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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