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Good information governance is good business practice - reduce risks, improve performance, collaborate securely and achieve compliance

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Modern technologies are extending the perimeters of networks well beyond their traditional boundaries to encompass all manner of external applications, device and users. Mobile technologies have redefined the way we work, providing easy access to information and communications, and give workers greater freedom to work in the way that suits them best. Today’s technologies have expanded opportunities for efficient collaboration, both among internal employees as well as with third parties such as business partners and customers. Documents can freely be exchanged, improving productivity by making information available as and when it is needed.

However, much information produced within organisations is sensitive in nature, such as proprietary intellectual property and financial information that should be restricted to a specific audience with approval to view and work with it. It can be extremely damaging for any organisation that sees such information fall into the wrong hands, so restricting how it can be accessed and communicated is vital. Further, corporate records are extremely valuable to criminals, who are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to launch attacks against networks for the sensitive information they contain, often stored and communicated within business documents in commonly used formats.

This document discusses how technology enables more effective business collaboration and communications, as well as the tools that should be deployed to ensure that information is kept secure, free from inadvertent or malicious compromise. It is intended for organisations of all sizes in any industry.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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