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Cover of OpusView product sheet

OpusView from IdeasCast

OpusView is a project management, productivity, collaboration and social toolkit, promoting “Project Social”, for general “wellness” in the workplace.
Cover for GRC realities - what are organisations really doing?

GRC realities - what are organisations really doing?

Every organisation faces risk, uncertainty and security threats, yet must comply with a host of regulations. GRC helps to manage those issues to keep an organisation on track.
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How much is my new technology saving me? - it's all about common sense, scope, and politics

Estimating technology savings is all about common sense and scope; although politics can also be a factor.
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Addressing the GDPR issue - Patterns and Antipatterns for success

Addressing GDPR for business benefit rather than as a cost
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Configuration Management, is it all about TRUST - Thoughts prompted by the BCS Configuration Management Specialist Group Conference, 9/5/17

Can we trust the automated systems in the mutable business to do the right thing? We need "just enough" governance and configuration management
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Learning about Innovation in Configuration Management - An ITSM conference in Vienna and the BCS CMSG Conference in London

Configuration Management is still the basis of good governance for automated business systems. Two conferences will help you keep up-to-date on its progress.
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Just what is Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Chapt 11 is not well understood in Europe.
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Perforce Helix, a new incarnation of Perforce

Perforce Helix offers new distributed versioning, Git management, threat detection etc
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Configuration Management, Expert Guidance – revised edition published

A practical guide to Configuration Management, based on input from actual practitioners.
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BCS CMSG AGM and Xmas Quiz

Configuration management's premier networking event
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More than a DevOps story

This is a review of a book: fiction about DevOps. But rather more than that
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Achieving CMDB accuracy

You can produce an accurate CMDB (which implies there's a Configuration Management Service) and even save money doing it. But why isn't everyone doing this? I'd love someone to explain to me how to have a well-governed company without configuration manage
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Call for Papers for the BCS CMSG 2013 Conference – deadline 11th March

This is the premier UK event on Change, Release, Asset and Configuration Management for ITIL and Service Management.
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Understanding Infrastructure Configurations In an Enterprise

Configuration management isn't just for software!
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ISO Cybersecurity Standard

Past ISO security standards have a good reputation, so the auspices are good for its new CyberSecurity standard. However, treat it as a framework, not a bible
Cover for Micro Focus Silk Performer 2012

Micro Focus Silk Performer 2012 - in comparison with HP LoadRunner

The purpose of this report was not to find a 'winner' but instead to provide information, to assist with purchasing decisions, that sheds light on the differences and similarities of these tools.
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An alternative to open source licensing?

A heads up on RTI's new Infrastructure Community (IC) licensing model.
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OMG comes back to Europe

Object Management Group (OMG) hasn't had a technical meeting in Europe for many years. This is about to change. That all changes this year as we are pleased to
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The missing ITIL Manual you always wanted

An official introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle - that might suit managers as well as practitioners.
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BCS CMSG Conference 2012

Configuration Management - How to Ease the Pain of Change
Cover for Tools for Data Governance

Tools for Data Governance - DataFlux Data Management Platform

There is much work to be done in providing true data governance solutions. However, there is no point in attempting to boil the ocean.
Cover for Enterprise report management for controlling cost, avoiding waste and enhancing security

Enterprise report management for controlling cost, avoiding waste and enhancing security

The bottom line on ERM is that the changes brought by automated online report delivery can significantly reduce the enterprise's carbon footprint.
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Bribery, no longer an option

The Bribery Act 2010 came into force in July. The IT group mightn't have responsibility for compliance, but its activities aren't exempt.
Cover for Composite Data Virtualization Platform

Composite Data Virtualization Platform

Data virtualisation is now a mainstream technology with a significant number of major organisations employing it for a variety of purposes.
Cover for Tools for Data Governance

Tools for Data Governance

There is much work to be done in providing true data governance solutions. Both users and suppliers should take note.
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Governance and Cloud at IBM’s PCTY, Part 2

Every year, Pulse Comes to You, an offshoot of IBM's Tivoli user conference in Las Vegas, goes around the world. I attended in London.
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That old spectre: proprietary systems lock-in

The possibility of vendor lock-in, of building tomorrow's disfunctional legacy today, is a risk to worry about, but not to excess...
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SAM standard revised

Software Asset Management is more than mere licence management and perhaps the revised ISO 19770 standard will help you implement it.
Cover for Solvency II: data quality and governance

Solvency II: data quality and governance

The Solvency II Directive for insurance and reinsurance companies in the EU comes into force on December 31st 2012.
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Cover for Spreadsheet management maturity model

Spreadsheet management maturity model

The advantages of a maturity model are that it helps you to assess where you are and where you want to get to and, based on that recognition, can assist in putting a realistic plan together in order to manage…
Cover for Spreadsheet Governance, Risk and Compliance

Spreadsheet Governance, Risk and Compliance

It is nearly three years since we last published a report into the status of the spreadsheet management market.
Cover for Security: from reactive to proactive

Security: from reactive to proactive - taking a risk-based approach to security

Organisations face an increasing amount of regulation that enforces, among other things, higher standards of corporate governance.
Cover for Spreadsheet Governance

Spreadsheet Governance

There are a number of positive benefits in addition to compliance, better quality data and reduced risk of fraud.
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The BCS Configuration Management Specialist Group’s Cloud Workshop

As I mentioned here, Martin Banks is Bloor's resident Cloud guru, and he has strong opinions on the usage and abusage of the term Cloud Computing. Now, there's a chance to hear Martin explain in...
Cover for Data Discovery

Data Discovery

This is the first of four Market Updates on data discovery, data profiling, data cleansing and matching, and data quality platforms respectively.
Cover for Real Evidential Weight

Real Evidential Weight

This white paper discusses data storage in the organisation and it's effective management to meet legislation and compliance.
Cover for The importance of an Information Strategy

The importance of an Information Strategy

The idea of an Information Strategy will be critical to your business success and the key to sustaining your competitive advantage over time.
Cover for Practical Compliance

Practical Compliance

This paper describes a few situations organisations are encountering - or will encounter - to clarify some of the basic compliance data storage needs.
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CMDB and CMS: Powerhouses Of Service Management

The BCS/itSMF conference "The CMDB and CMS - the Powerhouse Of Service Management" points to a closer relationship between the BCS and the itSMF (between traditional IT and Operations service delivery) and captures participant knowledge.
Cover for Right time information for Governance, Risk and Compliance

Right time information for Governance, Risk and Compliance

In this paper we consider the requirements of GRC, paying particular attention to risk, and discuss the dangers and costs involved in not having information when you need it.
Cover for Open-Tec CStore Content Archive

Open-Tec CStore Content Archive

There are as yet no direct competitors in this niche, yet it addresses a growing requirement. CStore has major disruptive market potential.
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Testing Summit

The Test Management Forum for IT testing professionals meets quarterly and holds an annual Testing Summit. This is a good place to discuss some of the quality issues facing Applications Development today.
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Managed Objects – is home-grown software the company’s Achilles heel?

You can't manage what you don't know you have - but although automated discovery of software, especially home-grown software, is attractive, it has its issues in practice. Managed Objects may be bringing something new to the party.
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OWASP and Fortify

OWASP is an open web security project sponsored by Fortify Software. This article is prompted by a visit to Edinburgh in the company of Brian Chess (Founder and Chief Scientist at Fortify) to open a new OWASP chapter.
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ITILv3 For Developers?

David Norfolk identifies a period of disruptive ITIL-based change for Systems Development - leading to the development of holistic automated services to the business.
Cover for Knowledge – The Path to IT Governance and Trust

Knowledge – The Path to IT Governance and Trust

A white paper written by Tony Lock on IT Governance and Trust
Cover for Vormetric – CEO Regulations

Vormetric – CEO Regulations - New regulations are putting CEOs behind bars

This white paper outlines the challenges facing organisations in complying with new corporate governance and electronic communication regulations. Focusing primarily on those regulations that apply in Europe, steps that organisations need to take to be compliant are outlined and explains…
Cover for Addressing IT Governance through BTO

Addressing IT Governance through BTO

No summary available. For further information please contact us.
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