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Enterprise report management for controlling cost, avoiding waste and enhancing security

Cover for Enterprise report management for controlling cost, avoiding waste and enhancing security

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The bottom line on enterprise report management is that the changes brought by automated online report delivery are creating an environment where enterprises can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and also realise significant operational savings through reductions in paper consumption and the energy used by a large number of printers. This both addresses the need for cost control in a tough business environment and the need to manage reputation risk and the perceived demands of green computing.

Nevertheless, effective and secure management of information in report output subsystems is now even more important than before because of the changes that are occurring in report delivery. The move to multiple data formats and online report delivery is certainly good for both enterprises and customers. It increases the delivery options available, makes many of them interactive in real time, and enhances the recipient’s ability to understand and respond to the information delivered. At the enterprise level, this can make staff far more productive and effective, while increasing the attractiveness and stickiness of products and services for end users and consumers.

By the same token, however, multiple data formats and automated online report delivery can introduce significant security vulnerabilities if important steps are not taken to defend the enterprise. Key amongst these is centralised management of processes such as report access control, coupled with the strongest data encryption tools available. To this end, users need to turn to appropriate standards bodies, such as the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council in the important credit card business sector, and use such standards as a framework for enterprise report management implementation.

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