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VIAVI Solutions can trace its roots back to 1932 through Wandel and Goltermann, a German company involved in radio receiving and test equipment. During the second half of the 20th century, various mergers and acquisitions, all within the broad telecommunications equipment and test market, transformed the company into a significant US based corporation, JDS Uniphase. In 2000, following further acquisitions, the company was renamed JDSU. Then in 2015 JDSU split into two separate and independent businesses, VIAVI Solutions and Lumentum Holdings. The latest financial reports show that VIAVI Solutions had global revenues of $1.14bn over 41,000 employees across 50 worldwide locations. Latest share price indicates a market capitalisation of $3.5bn.

The company manufactures testing and monitoring equipment for networks. It also develops optical technology used for a range of applications including material quality control, currency anti-counterfeiting and 3D motion sensing. However, Bloor focuses its research on VIAVI Solutions specialisation in application and network management, concentrating on promoting end-user experience and security forensics through performance optimisation and elimination of speed issues. It offers both software and hardware appliances for proactive network monitoring and analysis.

It is essentially vendor-neutral and supports hybrid multi-cloud networking, including on-premises solutions if appropriate. It operates internationally, with a wide range of partners, and is a key player in significant growth areas such as 5G, Fibre and 3D Sensing.

It publishes an Annual State of the Network Report, documenting the issues affecting hundreds of network and security professionals and how DevOps-style approaches to network and security management have been used to address them. The report can be found here. It also publishes a blog offering perspectives on industry issues and VIAVI innovations as they arise.

VIAVI also takes its social responsibilities seriously; see the letter from Oleg Khaykin, its President and CEO.

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Headquarters: 1445 South Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 102, Chandler, AZ 85286, United States
Telephone: +1 408 404 3600


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