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Trovares is a Seattle-based start-up that was founded in 2014 to commercialise work done on behalf of the US Department of Defense. Its founders have backgrounds in parallel computing (at Cray) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a research laboratory that is part of the US Department of Energy.

As we write, the company is only just coming out of stealth mode, but its property graph engine is already being leveraged by a Fortune 50 company for cyber forensics and for media-related analytics by enterprise customers. Because of its background and heritage, it is likely that Trovares is also being utilised by the US Department of Defense.

Trovares (logo)

Company Info

Headquarters: 999 3rd Avenue, Suite #700, Seattle, WA 98104, USA
Telephone: +1 202 930 2443


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Cover for Graph Databases 2019

Graph Database Market Update 2019

This is the third Market Update into the graph database market, considering and comparing both property graph and RDF databases.
Cover for the Trovares xGT inBrief

Trovares xGT

This paper discusses Trovares xGT, a property graph engine that will compete with graph databases for query processing against extremely large graphs.
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