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Kx Systems, Inc. is a subsidiary of First Derivatives Inc., plc, a public company (listed on AIM) that is based in Northern Ireland. Kx markets its solutions under the general heading of Kx technology.

Kx Systems was founded in 1993 and its first product, kdb, was first introduced in 1998. This was a 32-bit product which was subsequently replaced by a 64-bit implementation known as kdb+. From the outset Kx was focused on problems of scale and performance: that traditional relational databases were struggling to cope with the quantity of data that needed to be processed. Back in the early 90s that was already a problem in areas such as capital markets and this was a market segment that Kx focused on, almost exclusively, for many years. However, with the advent of big data and the Internet of Things it is clear that such issues are no longer confined to the financial sector and that similar problems are faced across industry boundaries. Kx is therefore spreading its wings and is addressing a wider market than was previously the case. One could argue that the market has come to Kx.

Kx Systems has historically been based in Palo Alto, California along with offices in New York, London (covering EMEA) and Hong Kong (Asia Pacific). First Derivatives, which was previously a partner of Kx, has additional offices in Belfast, Dublin, Stockholm, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Zurich, Toronto and Philadelphia. Kx also has a number of partners with offices in various countries around the world.

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Headquarters: Pal Alto, California, USA, 94301
Telephone: +1 650 798 5155

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